Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Corpse of Hope (Poem)

The Corpse of Hope
by Tim Kavi

the old ones
took me up higher 
on the mountain
and they showed me 
a bag of remains

I said who is it?
they replied
the corpse of hope
I said: why do you show me this?

because it is long absent
from many hearts
in the world
missing from the ideas
and schemes of needy ones
trampled by the greedy ones

thrown away by the winds
of war and oppression
until it has about turned
to dust

bound up in an earthy bag
stirred up by a newcoming flag
and forgotten by many

in the highest places
they imagine they need not see it
and refuse to believe it
the new body of hope

those who cannot see 
those lower ones
I replied how can those 
lower see it
since it is up here?

easy, they replied me
hope has been hidden
by those in power
and repackaged as a lesser hope

one that is devoid of true power
some have called it
the promise of better times
or even the rights
to not be bothered

as long as you do not question
do not ask about
or wonder, 
where has the true hope gone?

then all will be all right
and the wise ones said
but it is for  greater
freedom, some have bled.

then the old ones
said to me, Can these bones live?
and I said only you know

bone to bone
flesh to flesh
the corpse of hope
lives again

becomes a great body
in the songs of protest
and the instruments of change

although those in power
do not freely give it
the body of hope
stirs in the masses that seem

below, hidden
to the asses that gleam
in the palaced abodes

until it shatters
the storied glass
windows and hallways
of oppression

while dancing in the streets
the newly empowered
people enjoy the hope
of a new tomorrow

while the others
long for the corpse of hope
and the familiar dusty bag
yet it is no longer found

in their possession.
for hope is a living breathed
out being
in the aftermath of which
there is no deceiving

for the corpse of hope
has been followed 
by the dialectical
birth of social justice.

Poet's Afterword:  On this day that many celebrate as
a day of resurrection, I long that hope too shall live. Another poem of protest.~~TK

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gaia--Not to Touch the Earth (new poem)

GAIA--Not to Touch the Earth (Poem)
by Tim Kavi

speaking messages
not heard
there is quaking
terrible shaking

ridges of trembled history
continental drifts
of worries of collapsed kingdoms

underneath changing
of postpartum birthing
memories of the way things were

before flags were planted
before urban density
throwaways of modern and postmodern

filtered the purpose
of your message
but we still try
to touch you

to touch the Earth
to know your glory
to esteem and respect
to be moved by all

that you are.
we long to respect you

before it's too late.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Remembered Space (New Poem)

Remembered Space
by Tim Kavi

lush overgrowth
showing empowering design
such wisdom
yet some say 
it's always overrated

but love grows
to meet us in every 
esteemed face
across every landscape
of doom and grace

it is everywhere
every space
and in every place

reflecting rays of light
in my remembered windows
of dreamy night
where I am struck
by the moonlit beauty
echoed in her embrace

Her many stories
are told, traversed
again and again 

a resounding crescendo
in the universal page
she is written
in the paths
of the wind

by every artist's
gardened, skillful
round shapes

My love is full of it;
I saw it in her 
gathered lace

And revealed ever
in the lit bed
of her remembered kiss

I am left wandering
the maze
of brilliant memories
across remembered space.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Long Flight of the Arrow (new poem)

Long Flight of the Arrow
by Tim Kavi

some say they
are desperately seeking
seaching like ghosts
master archeologists
among the dust
of ancient landscapes

others are explorers
of every geology
across their paths
but cannot find
the missing Shangri-la
of the utopian plateau

there are the dreamers
the poets
the undying singers
playing lived out melodies
on the shipwrecks of love
and the injustice of it all

but the long flight
of the arrow
finds them anyway
and because it is Cupid's
arrow; all those
missing arms of embrace

find their human place.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Music of the Wind (New Poem)

Music of the Wind 
by Tim Kavi

moorage of things
wafting sounds play
frequencies of existence
across the hallowed ear

sacred sounds
Nature in all living
vibrations of being 
sound like whispers

flutes of lung
heard in humans
and animal hearts
play our heartstrings as one

wavelike strings
unfold and shape
expressions of all
We are

on to sweet compositions
of instrumental choice
there's my lovely song
playing across

all manners of love.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

In the Quantum New Year (new poem)

In the Quantum New Year
by Tim Kavi

the linear
exploding fading away
of time
years count for something
in creating meaning essence
of what we seek
to immortalize

but there is a timeline
of another kind
a place that seems
the geographic inspiration
of all seekers
if we could but glimpse
it's enduring surprise

for this is no Sisyphus
of disappointment
but a blinding step of faith
that beyond what is known
in the many ways to know
and choose from
is but destiny's disguise?

For some have traveled paths
less traveled, and some
many forking paths
that in the quantum
message of self defining hope
moments, each passing year
is a line we devise

only to discover
there is more richness
and happy places
that Heaven is timeless
if we but look for it
and stepped out of time
to merely recognize?

In the quantum new year
we know that time changes things
even outside it.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To the World at Christmas (New Poem)

To the World at Christmas
by Tim Kavi

Everywhere there is a longing
to let free voices sing
To enjoy the festivities
that happiness will bring

but no matter what or where
our prayers are for peace
and love in all hearts there

where you are

may the joys of a coming New Year
and the Christmas season
fulfill the prospects of joy
that is due you all

with love from poet Tim Kavi