Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring, the Birthing of Hope (new poem)

Spring, the Birthing of Hope

By Tim Kavi

little flowers
time to wake up again
little birds
sing your songs
the snow is melting
the rivers are flowing
great again

oh you who despaired
fly again
you who journeyed
climb again

driving to the centre
of all that is

is the greatness
of all existence
yours and mine

again and again
Spring is a flying
winged creature

of a nurturing universe
bringing life
where once
decay fell

nurturing the earth
out of this soil
troubles of birth
are forgotten

travailing souls
found again
in all mercies

of the coming Spring

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stumbling into the Gathering Mist (Poem)

Stumbling into the Gathering Mist
by Tim Kavi

Gathering your tools
and wits all about you
heart beating circular messages at great speed
time is never silent
and never stops the onward assault

to senses
and bodies
across decades centuries
and spaces
where entropy does creep

some dark cobwebbed corner
where memories
seem forgotten
resurrected in unsure moments
instructing in choices
to be made

guided by the unseen

how can the infinite be contained in the finite
unless Spirit becomes body
embodied physical tents
wrestling destinies 
on faraway planets

that others might not know
there they are too, the flickering images
like holograms in the dancing light
made plain what way we should
go; and the chocies to be made
are well versed stories of meaning

until the songs are played
and the images gathered in the grand narrative
of all that is revealed
to be known and grown
in the code that builds all things

from where does the code come from?
what life is this that knows
such pondering manifestations
of who and what to know?

until the embodied spark
leads to the fire that burns
throughout all time
outside of it
and in it
guiding lights to the branches
of knowing what we dare to call home

or even to make an unshakeable history

there is only the calling
to know more
to ask more questions
some which seem
to never be answered

in this realm of existence
we have to just be 
authentic to the message
and the code
that is always so obscure

in the challenge of the absurd

it is just now
gathering into the mist
of human to human
heart to heart
face to face
hand in hand

there is the grasping
of the stumbling

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dreams at the Mountains (Poem)

Dreams at the Mountains (Poem)

by Tim Kavi

Oh the flowing mountains
are pretty to look at
but they meet me at the sea of my birth!

Where I return to find
my way again and again,
where dashed at the cliffs of despair

sometimes my dreams seem misbegotten

but You my fellow travelers
must breach
that beach head
be ready to climb again
to the highest heights

until a new song is there!

Once there
is what I long for
that keeps me climbing;
to what I long for

the audience
I wrote this song for
who fully understand
there is no hope
that should be forgotten!

for until you gather
under your wings
your heavenly dreams

until the rumbling seas

the meaning full existence
until the last dream
takes hold

my friends
wax bold!
wax bold!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

We Are the Code That Interacts (new poem)

We Are the Code That Interacts
by Tim Kavi

sweeping and cleaning
lines edited
in Nature's dark surprise

destiny is made
along twisted roads
that go nowhere
where the apparent
is only freshly revealed

as we travel them

or by a singing note
of existence
or by a rampant ascension
or early demise

there is a place for humanity

for endings reveal themselves
as beginnings
selected, punctuated
in the balancing act
of synthesis

only to emerge
like waves
photons twisting in morphing
place, running a race
where light dances
on the walls of caves

again and again
sweet refrains

of who we are
what was imagined
in the lines of code

written at will
in the shadows
of song

we stand; 
lines in the code
emergent and conscious
naked and born
into the scripted world.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Machine (new poem)

A Machine (New Poem)
by Tim Kavi

a machine
a machine!
is what I am
becoming in a world
of thieves

who conspire
lie low in dark rooms
to steal only
my identity
finding no cash
but who I am
stripped of meaning

so if you define me
telling me
who or what to be;
where are my stories?

for I am fashioned
by choices
that lead to driven
conscious identities

evolving over time
morphing into community
many forking paths
resolving into
the road less traveled by?

longing to be
and to remain free
you will never take
the real me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tree of Me (New Poem)

TREE OF ME (New Poem)
by Tim Kavi

I am rooted
drawn deep into the soil
my limbs longing for light

until the gentle ocean speaks
and the winds scatter
my leaves throughout the wild
wooded Earth!

There is only my existence
screaming in the void
fighting to stand tall
as long as I can.

About the photo:  Photographer is Beth Moon. The photo was featured in the Review Section of The Wall Street Journal; Saturday-Sunday Oct. 11-12, 2014; page C12.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

More About Goddesses: Demeter, Greek Goddess (New Essay)

More About Goddesses: Demeter, Greek Goddess (New Essay)
by Tim Kavi
Demeter is known as the Greek goddess of the harvest and fertility. She is known as a goddess of origin, divine order and giver of food. She is also frequently associated with ruling over unwritten law, the law of nature which defines agriculture and civilized society. This can be implied that she helps to control the cycle of life and death, though not all interpretations of the myth of Demeter include this interpretation. Much of the association with Demeter and life and death stems from the myth of her daughter, Persephone who is featured along with Demeter in the Eleusinian mysteries.
The religious writing around Demeter shows her as taking on a variety of different religious functions.  In ancient history, many worshiped her as the “mother earth” or the Great Goddess who oversees the function of agriculture. Many harvesters would worship her, hoping that Demeter would offer her blessing for the work that they completed. Some areas of Greece have found earlier descriptions of Demeter acting as a poppy goddess with the belief that she was responsible for bringing poppies to Eleusis in Crete.
Demeter’s daughter Persephone was said to have been kidnapped by Hades who was looking for a queen to rule beside him in the underworld. Upon realizing that her daughter had been taken, Demeter fell into a deep sense of grief, causing all life on earth to begin dying. To prevent extinction, Zeus sent Hermes to return Persephone to her mother. To prevent this, Hades tricked Persephone into eating a pomegranate which bound her to the underworld. It was agreed that Persephone would spend a third of the year with Hades in the underworld and the remaining time on earth with her mother. This corresponds to the changing of the seasons. As Persephone leaves to perform her duties in the underworld, Demeter falls sad and life dies away in the winter months.

There were several cults that honor Demeter throughout Greece, Sicily and Crete. The ancient cult of Amphictyony on the coast of Thessaly was one of the most well-known of these cults. There is also the festival of Demeter of Mysia. This festival lasts for seven days and passes the shrine to Demeter as the parade moves from Mycenae to Argos. Only a few ancient texts describing this festival have been found so it is unclear how the deity was honored during the festivities.
Another interetsing fact about Demeter as she is presented in mythology (Demeter, who was also known in other terms as 'Ceres') is that she  never wanted to make her abode with other goddesses on Olympus. Rather, she wanted to be down to Earth and abide with her followers and those close to her, in her own temples, as a goddess with them.--TK
The image above is artwork from the work of a contemporary and interesting artist; Howard David Johnson --who draws goddesses, beautiful women, and mythological figures. ~~TK