Thursday, July 10, 2014

Celestial Meadow (new poem)

Celestial Meadow
by Tim Kavi

gentle lands of rest
stretch across maps of peaceful
bliss of grassy green

my feet float on airy paths
of glorious silence
stretching to the horizon
sparse trees dot the place

that beckon to places
of pause and reflection
away from all the stress

away from racing thoughts
not just to survive
but to bravely exist

gentle bluebirds
of my Mother's voice
Gaia would you sing to me?
black crows wait to pick

but I know
that your beauty prevails
you will live longer
than humans have tread

oh pray
they will not kill you dead
for in your silence
they gravely mistake
you are not there

but there is only
too much noise
to hear you and be blest

but at moments like this
I only can gently walk
on the pillows
of your endowment

in the shadows of forest
and the paths of wooded trail
the stream flows nearby

into the ocean it flows
goes to the clouds
descends to the earth again
born again

to live again
and to see your glory
in forest, and stream
celestial meadows
where I see all my friends

playing again. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More About Goddesses: Green Tara (essay)

More About Goddesses: Green Tara
By Tim Kavi
Tara refers to the savior-goddess in Buddhist mythology, more commonly referred to as Sgrol-ma. She is considered to be one of the mantras heard in Tibet and acts in a light of universal compassion which is a stronger form of a mother’s love for her children. It is said that Tara is responsible for guiding her followers on the path to enlightenment, providing longevity and protecting her followers through earthly travel.
Before Tara was considered a part of Buddhism she was depicted as one of the manifestations of Parvati in Hinduism. According to later traditions, Tara was born from the compassionate tears of Avalokitesharva when he looked upon the suffering of humans. These tears formed a lake where lotus blossoms bloomed. A beam of blue light emanated from one of these flowers and brought forth Tara. Tara appears in many forms, each with its own symbolism and power.
Green Tara is represented by the half-open lotus which represents that night. With time she will transform into the white lotus as she reaches full bloom, representing grace and serenity. Green Tara focuses on compassion for those that must labor night and day to relieve the suffering of others. It was once believed that every pious woman was an incarnation of Tara, though some will take on more green or white aspects depending on their nature.
Green Tara is also associated with a sense of vigor and youth. She is often depicted as being very active and fierce, though the actions she takes are always filled with compassion for those she is interacting with. Some believe that Green Tara is a self-born form of the Buddha Amitabha, and this will often be depicted in her headdress. Other stories say she was incarnated as a wife of the Tibetan king Srong-brtsan-sgam-po because in this culture green is a symbol for accomplishment and this king was known as the lord of action.

When she is depicted, Green Tara is often shown in a posture that is relaxed though still ready to take action at any time. Her left leg is usually folded in the contemplated position, but her right will often be outstretched so she could quickly move into action if necessary. She will frequently be shown holding blue lotuses as a representation of her origin story and will wear rich jewelry. It is quite common for people to illustrate her this way as a way of calling upon her compassionate nature.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

My lonely face, My global face, Singing Their Song (new poem)

My lonely face, My global face, Singing Their Song

 by Tim Kavi

there is a oneness
captured in my lonely breath
where only the known
is revealed in a song
escaping my lips

dropping like tears from my eyes

across the widened
abyss of chastened justice
there is a universal wind
that, until singing it

only the powers will not know it

I arise
from the cobblestones
knowing my one face
has now gone global
in the rage
of technology's age

there is no hearing of it

until somewhere else
another voice is heard
a chorus of discontent
my heart reaches for it

in your lasting embrace, there is knowing

my arms circle around them
only to sing in glorious chorus
until all are free
again and again

for the sound of it is joined in music

where there is a turning
morphing of my single face
joined with a global race
where we all are one

can we care enough to hear the song?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

lovely and beautiful (new poem)

lovely and beautiful

by Tim Kavi

lovely and beautiful
your smile lights the world
where on twisted pathways
the foot of this admirer has trod

until at last
lit by your pretty essence
home has been found
love has been found

forever reflected
in your lovely smiling grace.

poets' afterword:  the photo is the Greek goddess, the smiling Athena. Has a goddess like this ever graced your life?  Hope you tell her so today.~~TK

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tears of a Prophetic Clown (New Poem)

"Tears of a Prophetic Clown"

by Tim Kavi

so do you think?
do you think I am Funny?
Always when You
are crying
I'm cruel
in making You laugh
out loud so?

and when You
thought you were dying
seeing a plan in all,

and so
You woke up
again and again
laughing in the telling
of deep purpose

to Do Something
to ease suffering
in and to the world

So go on laughing
and living gloriously
until the real end.

knowing that endings
are beginnings of renewal
dialectics of dancing powers

SO there is no need
to stop laughing
or to never hope in living
for that is the way of
those who are sleeping. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Angels from Heaven (For Moms that Help at School) (New Poem)

Angels from Heaven
by Tim Kavi

To all the moms who help at school: 

never did the world see
in their beauty
and tireless missions
such pretty angels
as these mums

they must be from heaven
giving to the kids
in never ending
efforts, activities,
assuring students ascending

bringing their greatness
because these mums
make it all okay
make it all happen
in their grace each day

there is not one
student or teacher
untouched or unblessed
they really have done it all
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall

that keeps the schoolyard
humming with many a happy kid
and the classrooms a place to learn
for kids to go home and tell all they did

these mums
are surely angels
messengers of hope and love
and we are grateful
they are sent from above

great mums always are
angels who arrive
from near and far

Angels from Heaven.

My second Mother's Day poem for 2014 is a new poem that was commissioned by someone who appreciates the moms who help out at her school.  (Reprinted with permission by that patron).  Moms are surely angels and surely helpful to children everywhere--as this poem celebrates their unique contributions to school life. They are referred to in many places as 'room parents' but to some lucky kids they are always 'mom.' ~~TK

Saturday, May 10, 2014

There is Mom --Poem for Mother's Day With Photo (Poem)

There is Mom
by Tim Kavi

so what is this?
across the translucent orb
endless universe so vast
that God in his designs
would seek to make perfect
for sure to last?

but the need for what was created
man or woman
to never be alone?

but the sacredness
of family
of love
and of home?

and in that home
stands a sacred one
sure and true

the fortress of Mom

which every kid
growing up, knew
is true blue
in all she said
and did

until around
every troubled bend
twisted by life's
and uncertain wind?

there is the love
of God
and the love of Mom

gently guiding
assisting in fate
but always loving

there is Mom
there is Mom.

(This is a reprint of a poem that has been on this blog before on Mother's Day.  It is a very special poem as it was written for my own mother in 2010, and I read it at her Memorial Service in 2010.  Moms are very special and I am very lucky to have had a great mom who was always very special and as a child and adult--took care of me in so many ways!~~TK) 

In this photo (taken in 2006)  is a rare picture when all three of her boys were home at the same time--- My Mom and my two bruddahs! That's me on the left in the white pants! ~~TK